CBC announces cuts

Mike Ward mward@iname.com
Sat Mar 28 11:42:48 EDT 2009

Doug Drown wrote:

> There is also discussion of "selling off some assets," whatever that means.  I wonder whether some of the local stations may be sold off to other broadcasters, though that's not specifically mentioned.  

There are Pesky Unconfirmed Rumors that CBC may sell off its CBET/9 in 
Windsor, Ontario.  That's the big blowtorch which provides U.S. 
audiences from Detroit to Toledo with CBC programming.

Again, just in the rumor mill at this point.

Presumably, CBC would rely on its cable/satellite feed out of Toronto to 
serve Windsor/Essex viewers, and of course, that feed isn't available 
directly (without CBET) to Americans.

The problem with selling it...who buys it?

Not only is the Canadian commercial TV market in even worse shape, any 
commercial operator wouldn't be able to run any number of U.S.-fed 
programs due to Detroit market rights issues.

Even though the CBC picked up the Canadian rights to "Jeopardy" and 
"Wheel of Fortune", those shows don't air on CBET due to the Detroit issue.

The Detroit rights issues are also behind the fact that CTV and Global 
don't have a presence in Windsor, with Southwest Ontario 
transmitters/relays some distance from Windsor (Oil Springs, etc.).

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