Larry Glick

Fri Mar 27 20:55:41 EDT 2009

And how many people realize that the heir to Glick's schtick is none
other than Tom Magliozzi, the older of the two Tappet brothers of WBUR
and NPR's Car Talk? Tom has Larry's booming basso and hearty laugh. He
also has Larry's mental agility and love of practical jokes. And, like
Larry, Tom has been married and divorced multiple times. (I think it
was four marriages and three divorces for Larry and three of each for
Tom.) People, at least around here, seem to take to guys on the radio
who come across as smart, jovial, and, at the root, genuine. That was
true of Larry and it is true of Tom.

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>I first got addicted to Larry at WMEX and then of course WBZ.
> Just a great talent.
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>> Don A wrote:
>>> Not confirmed by anything else...but WBZ Radio has >announced the
>>> death of
>>> Larry Glick.
>>   Here's a link to an article on Larry's passing from the Boston
>> Globe:
>>   And a link to a brief story on WBZ's website along with a couple
>> of audio
>> clips and a message board to share memories of Larry:
>>   Mark Watson

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