Network affiliate switch on Portland Radio

Doug Drown
Tue Mar 24 07:31:45 EDT 2009

You're right.  WGAN began with CBS when the station went on the air in 1938 
and was with the network until the '60s, when it dropped the affiliation and 
became independent (WLOB was the CBS affiliate for a while --- IIRC from a 
couple of brief visits to Portland during my high school days, it was one of 
the very few Top 40 stations that was with CBS).

In the meantime, when WCSH was sold in the early '80s and became WYNZ, 
Eastman Radio, the new owners, switched its network affiliation from NBC to 
CBS.  Later in the '80s, WGAN joined NBC.  It finally switched back to CBS 
about ten years ago when, as you say, Saga bought WYNZ, flipped it to WZAN, 
and began the talk format.   As for NBC (or what's left of it), I'm not even 
sure southern Maine has an NBC affiliate any more.


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> For a period of time in the 80's and early 90's the then 970 WYNZ was the 
> CBS affiliate.  I am pretty sure that WGAN switched to CBS when Saga 
> bought 970 and flipped it to WZAN.  I should remember because I worked at 
> the station at the time, but that was a long time ago.
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>> What had been the ABC affiliate?
>> WGAN has been associated with CBS for most of its history.

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