WKOX, WRCA, WUNR at full power

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Tue Mar 17 16:23:07 EDT 2009

What are you doing Laurence? Is this an attempt at Internet forgery?
You've grafted a header from one of my messages onto the body of a
message that YOU obviously wrote. The give-away is your snide use of
"Pahkway," a ridicule of Boston-eze that I don't think I've ever used.
Are you trying to make it appear that your message came from me? If
you are trying to say that you don't believe what I said in my
message, be my guest, but don't try to spoof a message from me!

As for the truth of my message, since I erroneously pulled the trigger
on announcing that WKOX/WRCA/WUNR were operating at full power several
months before it really happened and had to apologize for spreading
misinformation, I became very sensitive to the need to check out my
allegations before posting any more such messages. Rest assured that,
before I posted my most recent message on this subject, I contacted,
and got confirmation from an individual who works in an engineering
capacity for two of the three stations. That happened yesterday,
Monday, 3/16/09, in the afternoon. This time there is no doubt that
the three stations are operating at full power.

As for consumer radios with AM signal-strength meters, I have a CC
Radio Plus. I got it about nine months ago when my Super Radio III
died. The CC Radio has a visual AM signal-strength display (bars at
the right side of the digital display). The bar display is not
reliable. In fact it is nearly as unreliable as the meter on the
decades-old Pioneer receiver in my living room stereo system. Dollar
for dollar, the Pioneer's AM section is probably the worst ever
manufactured. I'm sure that there must be communication receivers that
have reliable AM signal-strength displays, but put me down as a
skeptic about AM signal-strength displays on consumer products. If I
ever again think that I have found one, I will have to live with it
for a few weeks before I even begin to have faith in the readings.

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
eFax 1-707-215-6367

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If they are currently (that is, mid-day) running their patterns
according to
their CP's for nighttime operation (noting that WUNR-AM is DA-1), WKOX
and WRCA are
only marginally stronger than they have been since moving to 750
Sawmill Brook Pahkway.
I have a good radio with a display of relative signal strength and I
intend to watch it
at 6:45 pm tonight, assuming the're not swamped by skywave even before
sunset.  (Hey,
what's wrong with the Sun these days...I get skywave all over the
place for a couple
of hours after sunrise and ditto late in the afternoon!  Is there
something going on,
or more properly NOT going on up there?) There was a day in January
when I did observe WKOX
seemingly operating with the signal strength I'm observing today;  the
next day, it
went back to 10KW directional with the signal it previously displayed.
Will today's signal
be permanent, at least at night...and will there be more changes
during the day?

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