WKOX, WRCA, WUNR at full power

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Mon Mar 16 23:01:18 EDT 2009

As of this afternoon, Monday 3/16/2009. WUNR, WRCA, and WKOX are
operating at full CP power. Where I live (Arlington Heights, near
Lexington, ~1/2 mile north of Route 2) WUNR is decidedly the weakest
of the three. Based on the patterns, that's as it is supposed to be.
At this location, a little less than nine miles pretty much due north
of the Newton site, WUNR's 20 kW signal is supposed to be a little
weaker than its old 5 kW signal. I didn't think it would be as much
weaker as it seems to be, though.

And although I have never heard WKOX as clearly here at night as I am
hearing it now, I had expected better. The 50 kW night signal is
supposed to be ~13 to 14 mV/m. To me it doesn't sound quite that
strong. I could believe 8 to 10 mV/m, however.

WRCA, with the lowest night power of the three stations (17 kW), is
the only pleasant surprise. WRCA's night pattern is rather wide, which
partially explains the good night signal to the north. Also,
co-channel WWRV in New York is apparently operating within spec,
whereas I question whether that is true of WWRL New York, which is
co-channel with WUNR. On paper, WRCA's NIF is higher than WUNR's. In
practice, I doubt whether that is the case.

I suspect that before too long, WRCA and WKOX will put IBOC on the air
(bye bye, WPHT). I don't think WUNR has any such plans.

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
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