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Most of Pennsylvania's Amish live in a different part of the state
from State College. My understanding is that Amish country is near
Lancaster and York, which are about 100 miles southeast of State
College. It's not that the area around State College wants for
protestants of unusual denominations--it's strong fundamentalist
country--very conservative--but I do not believe that many residents
of the State College-Bellefonte area are Amish.

I assume that you felt that besides being funny because any reference
to the Amish would be funny, you were also joking because many Amish
are proscribed by their religion from owning--or even listening

Indiana also has a large Amish population. A couple of weeks ago, NPR
aired an interview with a bank president in an Amish community in
Indiana. The bank president was not himself Amish but his bank does a
lot of business with Amish people. He says that defaults and even late
payments on loans and mortgages are just unheard of in his community.
Moreover, even though Indiana's unemplyment rate is several points
higher than the national average, his bank is thriving!

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>I see Birch broadcasting of State College PA,has agreed to buy
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> when
> they'll be back on the air?

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