Change in New York Radio (again)

Sid Schweiger
Wed Mar 11 07:02:03 EDT 2009

>>I think CBS learned a hard lesson about messing with oldies when they
flipped WCBS-FM and WJMK 4 years ago.They were able to correct the
error in NYC but Chicago they are still stuck with Jack-FM.<<

They didn't go back to oldies in NYC.  WCBS-FM today is a classic-hits station, not an oldies station.  They play virtually nothing from the pre-Beatles era and their music rotation extends through the 1908s.  Their mistake, which has been extensively covered in the news media, was not necessarily the switch itself, but the way it was done, with essentially no notice to their listeners who were incensed and who never forgot.  They were still getting 3 shares and making lots of money, but apparently not enough for their corporate parent who listened to the sales types whining that they couldn't sell it.

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