so where does XWA Montreal fit into it?
Fri Mar 6 14:03:30 EST 2009

Here about 15 miles northwest of Boston (4 miles from Route 128), CKLW 
is what's normally heard at night on 800 with Lawrence's (actually 
Andover's) WNNW nulled.

Listening sessions I've done over at the shore in Rockport, MA have 800 
typically a mix of PJB, VOWR, and CJAD.  Sometimes it's a dogpile, 
other times one of these three is reasonably dominant.  In the 
background, WNNW, CKLW, and CHRC are sometimes noted.  The stored 
SDR-IQ spectrum captures I've made there are quite interesting with 
regards to the cast of characters on 800.  Often there's a prominent 1 
kHz beat note from Spain (801).  Much different from at home.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

Here in north central Maine, I live almost exactly equidistant from 
and Boston (Montreal to the west/northwest, Boston to the south).  CJAD
comes in here during the day, but not well; too many mountains in the 
way, I
suppose, as well as interference from CHRC.  CJAD's signal can be heard 
better south of here, especially in the Augusta-Lewiston area, where it
comes in really quite clearly.  At night, CKLW dominates, hands down.   

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