Report: CSB shuts down
Fri Mar 6 08:15:41 EST 2009

"The Connecticut School of Broadcasting: Where You Can Learn to BE a Disc Jockey, or Just LOOK Like One."

Trade schools will always be with us, and with our current economic woes one hopes their recruitment ads accurately reflect the job prospects in the fields they promote.?I feel that was not the case with CSB, not for a very long time.

"New jobs are opening up every day," CSB's ads used to shout.?They didn't tell you those openings were mostly because of turn-over, and after Telecom '96, new jobs were being ELIMINATED every day.

The current crop of CSB students found out before the end of the 16-week course that the school had "gone dark."?That's after plunking down $12,000 for tuition, the rough equivalent of their first year's salary if they actually were hired somewhere.

A school like CSB might be useful today for someone interested in video production, but the skills you need for modern radio can be acquired right in front of you, for free or nearly so, by downloading the right software.?Color me cranky, but I remember when computers worked for us rather than the other way around.?Sadly, I also remember when radio was a hands-on human activity.

---jim schuyler
four years of college for THIS?

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