Paul Harvey

Donna Halper
Wed Mar 4 19:57:31 EST 2009

At 01:16 PM 3/4/2009, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>But didn't some citizens of San Jose and San Francisco just celebrate
>radio broadcasting's 100th anniversary, based on the 1909 date when
>"Doc" Herrold (I think that was his name) is supposed to have begun
>his broadcasts on what eventually became KQW and then KCBS?

There's no "supposed to" about it-- that one is 
actually very thoroughly documented, and the 
career of Charles "Doc" Herrold and his wife 
Sybil (who taught Morse code and was also an 
announcer-- she did a weekly on-air request and 
dedication program)  was the subject of a nice 
little documentary film called "Broadcasting's 
Forgotten Father," produced and written by Prof. 
Mike Adams of San José State University.

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