Radio Disney

Bob Nelson
Wed Mar 4 12:22:51 EST 2009

Sorry to any who were offended by the content of my post--and note
that I did point out
that some on the Right might also have the same views, who knows. My
point was that some
people didn't quite get it, weren't quite listening. There are
loonies, extremists, and dummies
on either side of the aisle.

> This is what you get when people are driven by agendas rather than facts, because if you listened to Paul Harvey even once, you'd know that none of those opinions are based on facts...not even close.  Yes, Harvey was conservative, but that's about all they got right.  Calling him a fascist and hate-filled is an outright lie, and claiming that he didn't clearly delineate his commercial copy from his news-and-comment copy is more evidence that they weren't listening.

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