Paul Harvey (was: Re: Radio Disney)

Garrett Wollman
Tue Mar 3 23:46:47 EST 2009

<<On Tue, 3 Mar 2009 11:38:44 -0500, Bob Nelson <> said:

> meanwhile the Radio Equalizer blog has several comments from people
> on Democratic Underground, the Chicago Tribune, and Huffington Post;

And this matters... why, exactly?

You are attributing far more importance to the blatherings of
anonymous navel-gazers in the NuMedia echo chamber than seems

(How did we get back onto Paul Harvey in a thread about Radio Disney?)

I never much cared for Harvey's politics, and I found his delivery at
times to be almost comical (particularly with his mispronunciation of
elementary words like "Chelsea" and "protein"), but you still have to
admire him for his longevity and reach.  He was undoubtedly a relic of
a different time in radio, but some relics are worth keeping around
just to remind us that the way things are is not necessarily the way
things have to be.

How many more ABC-I affiliates will defect now that he's no longer
around to draw them in?  I suppose after losing many Clear Channel
AMs some years ago, there aren't too many big markets left to lose,
aside from the ones that Citadel still owns for the moment, and Harvey
was a bigger draw in smaller markets anyway.


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