Radio Disney

Kevin Vahey
Tue Mar 3 12:14:40 EST 2009

I have seen surveys that estimate that 70 percent of cable households
would drop ESPN if a-la-carte became a reality.

Locally it would have a severe impact on NESN as well. CSN is a little
murky given that it is owned by Comcast.

My friends in Montreal enjoy al-la-carte with Videotron where they can
pick 45 channels for $30 and each additional channel is $1.

On 3/3/09, Garrett Wollman <> wrote:
> <<On Tue, 3 Mar 2009 10:27:11 -0600, Kevin Vahey <> said:
>> Disney thinks enough of the Radio Disney franchise that they bought
>> 1260. On the cable side an operator has no choice but to carry The
>> Disney Channel at a hefty fee because otherwise they can't carry ESPN
>> unless they pick up Mickey.
> If the FCC makes the long-threatened move on "a la carte" cable,
> Disney may find itself holding the short end of the stick on this one.
> (I can't imagine any "a la carte" requirement for cable systems
> without a similar restriction on programming providers.)
> -GAWollman

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