Great Marketing Campaign

Bill O'Neill
Tue Mar 3 07:13:04 EST 2009

Bill Smith wrote:
> Unbelieveable how many otherwise rational people have fallen for the
> contrived Fairness Doctrine debate.
Rational? That's a misrepresentation if I ever heard one. <cymbal>  The 
simplest and easiest way to inoculate the FD out of existence would be 
the swift and certain support of a simple measure by Congress that would 
kill any further discussion. Forever. Zilch. Nada. Buh bye. Fuggedaboudit.

If it is true that the FD is a card played by conservatives then that 
would trump.  Until then, the lingering doubt intertwined with other 
political minority quirks are left to fester in the ether.

Bill [fester is an underused verb] O'Neill

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