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Mario Gonzalez Jr.
Mon Mar 2 21:35:45 EST 2009

I've been lurking on the list for a long time, but I have a 10 year old son and children do know about this station and they do listen to it.  We've been listening to it since he was about 6.  I think they are finding out about it from the Disney Channel.  We do listen to it in the car and I don't know how they are making any money.  They do have commercials, but most of them point back to Disney content.  There are a few ads targeted to the parents who are listening.

Perhaps they are making money because of the sales of their movies and the music on iTunes.  My son will ask to buy two or three songs a week to load to his iPod and most of the songs are played on Radio Disney.

I also seem to recall that the first High School musical movie was a big hit and the album was #1 on iTunes for a few weeks.  The only promotion that was done was on the Disney Channel and Radio Disney.


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> I suppose Moms have it on in the car to keep toddlers happy. 

How do moms even know about it?  Is Radio Disney promoted at all? 

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