More on the FD

Bill O'Neill
Sun Mar 1 20:10:15 EST 2009

Don A wrote:
> They probably would.......just like a zoning regulation is first 
> decided by the town hall....but if a person feels the ruling unjust, 
> he then can avail himself to the courts for redress.   Just like the 
> FCC can fine someone for obscenity, but the courts are the ultimate 
> deciding force.

The FCC should stick to meters, pots, switches, towers and algorithms. 
They need to be there doing that.  The less that beurocrats (and all 
governmental gray-flannel stinky pants) do, the better.  They should 
each just hang in there for their 20 and then grab the pension and head 
for the dog track.  Or Florida. 

Bill O'Neill

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