More on the FD

Don A
Sun Mar 1 19:08:12 EST 2009

>> Not "the government"....but "the courts"....which have always had the 
>> role
>> of arbiter of fairness, justice and the aggrieved since the beginning of 
>> this country.
>> That's what they do.
> The courts are the government.

But they are not the nameless faceless bureaucrats that you keep conjuring 
up who will be deciding your free speech.  The same way courts decide if you 
put the fence up fairly on your property deviding line.

Since the beginning of this country we have used the courts to address 
disputes, justice and fairness.

> But wouldn't the FCC first decide?

They probably would.......just like a zoning regulation is first decided by 
the town hall....but if a person feels the ruling unjust, he then can avail 
himself to the courts for redress.   Just like the FCC can fine someone for 
obscenity, but the courts are the ultimate deciding force.

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