Follow-up To NERW Piece On W221CH

Kevin Vahey
Sun Mar 1 09:26:20 EST 2009

WABC used to do something similar where the newsman on the overnight
show would say WABC AM and FM New York.

There had to be a reason why the live jock at WRKO-AM would do the FM
ID instead of just using a cart ID.

TV back then all had live booth announcers ( even WMUR who wouldn't
pay one if they didn't have to) so I wonder if FCC rules mandated it
at the time.

On 2/28/09, Peter Q. George <> wrote:
> Well, in fact they (the jocks) would say (after the TOH Drake jingle
> "WRKO.....Boston!") the jock would say "AM and FM!".  (Pre-Drake, before
> June 1967, WRKO had a PAMS sung Legal ID.... "WRKO and WRKO-FM, Boston!.)
> After 6:00 PM, you would hear, on the FM only, "And now ladies and
> gentlemen...." (CLICK!) "And the hits just keep on coming on 98.5 WRKO-FM
> Boston!", (jingle) "WRKO-FM, ALL MUSIC!!!", ARKO had begun it's 12 hours of
> non-duplicated programming.  Dale Tucker, the last Program Director of
> WRKO-FM (before WROR) kind of moved away from the R-KO format and got the
> station ready for the eventual switch to Stereo with Drake Chenault's new
> "Hit Parade" format, just before Dale moved out of Boston.
> Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
> Whitman, Massachusetts
> "Scanning the bands since 1967"
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>> Date: Saturday, February 28, 2009, 6:22 PM
>> One thing I was curious about why.
>> Back in 1967 when WRKO-AM came to be they then simulcast AM
>> on FM from
>> 6AM to 6PM and then ran ARKO for the other 12.
>> The AM jock would then cut into FM at the top of the hour
>> and simply
>> say WRKO-FM Boston. I have clips of Arnie Ginsburg and
>> Chuck Knapp
>> doing this.
>> So was a live ID required back then or was this possibly an
>> concession by RKO General.

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