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Robert S Chase
Sun Mar 1 00:59:12 EST 2009

"Among my earliest political recollections are the ''pointy-headed 
intellectual'' and ''egghead'' designations used against Adlai Stevenson in 
the 1950's. And who can forget Spiro T. Agnew's ''nattering nabobs of 
negativism''? ''Limousine liberals'' has been an effective conservative jab 
for decades.

The beginning of a knockout punch came in the 1988 presidential campaign 
when President Ronald Reagan aided Vice President George H. W. Bush's 
candidacy by denouncing Michael S. Dukakis, the Democratic nominee, with the 
accusation that Mr. Dukakis was a virtually evil embodiment of the 
''L-word.'' Thus started the onslaught that demonized all liberals and 
nearly delegitimized the Democratic Party.

Most candidates today avoid any association with liberalism. With a success 
story like that, why on earth would conservatives give up attacking elite or 
any other kind of liberals? "

So isn't what's fair fair?

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> Robert S Chase wrote:
>> I always wonder why the conservatives or some call them more aptly, the
>> regressives, fear concepts such as the Fairness Doctrine so much? Is it
>> because they are never fair?
> I'm not sure whether insulting a group of people as "regressive" based
> on their political philosophy really is going to shed light on any
> subject regarding broadcasting.
> --RC

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