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Fri Jun 26 13:42:13 EDT 2009

The last posting brought back memories of scouring the?dark studio building on Morrisey Blvd.? I recall George St Andre telling me that ABC got most of the prime items-TK41s, VR-2000 VTRs, etc.? ABC at the time had four mobile units with TK-41s that lasted into the mid to late 70s.? I did see a TK-43 at the the Univ. of Md. in College Park that allegedly came from WHDH.

One of the TR-22s survives at a post house in Boston.

I bought TM-21s, a sync system, colorplexer, and other terminal gear, as did Tom Sprague. My gear survives.

Even though the gear was old, WHDH maintained its equipment very well and produced quality signals for both radio and television.?

It is hard to believe that it was 37 years ago.? Mr St. Andre was one of the best engineering managers-technically competent and a gentleman.? I believe he is still with us , living in Mass.? No idea about Messrs. Watson and Hurd.

J Ballard??

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