Springfield channel 40

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WCDA 41 was on the air for quite a few years after channel 10 was 
established.  It may have been as late as the '70s that it became defunct. 
I presume it filled some topological gap in 10 and 19's signals.   -Doug

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> When I lived in Royalston I had a VHF-UHF antenna in the (enormous) attic 
> of my house, and could get channel 19 almost as clearly as any of the 
> stations in Boston.  I often watched the Albany news.  It came in far 
> better than Springfield.  -Doug
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>> On 25 Jun 2009 Larry Weil wrote:
>>> I thought Channel 19 (or wherever their digital signal is now) is
>>> already duplicating one of the Albany stations?
>> It has been since it became WCDC in 1956.  But for awhile, it was
>> WMGT, a separate station, with a DuMont affiliation.  When it moved
>> to channel 19, it could serve the Albany area, although it was listed
>> in the Times-Union when it was on channel 74.  Then a storm blew down
>> their tower, the DuMont network died, and when they returned to the
>> air, they were WCDC, duplicating WCDA 41 in Albany and WCDB 29 in
>> Hagaman.  WCDA-WCDB eventually became WTEN, channel 10, and WCDC
>> continued to duplicate them on Mt. Greylock.
>> In my senior year at UMass Amherst, I moved to one of the high-rise
>> dorms and discovered that the dorm TV could pick up channel 19,
>> relaying WTEN.  I remember watching the 1966 New York gubernatorial
>> debate.
>> Sometime in the 1970s, I took an old Zenith portable B&W TV to a
>> friend in Brimfield for him to install a new filter capacitor.  He
>> was surprised to get a snowy, but quite watchable signal in Brimfield
>> from channel 19, using only the set's UHF ring antenna.
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