Springfield channel 40

Doug Drown revdoug1@myfairpoint.net
Thu Jun 25 11:48:43 EDT 2009

While we're on this subject, does anyone know why the channel change from 55 
to 40 took place?

I'm also curious about one other thing.  WTIC Radio was a long-time NBC 
affiliate (up until the Westwood One takeover, when it moved to CBS). 
Granted, NBC already had TV affiliates in the Hartford-Springfield area with 
WWLP and WNBC (then an NBC O & O), but given WTIC's already-existing 
connection with NBC, one would have thought the network would have competed 
with CBS for what must have been a coveted channel 3 affiliation.  -Doug

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> Seems to me that the WHYN-TV channel change from 55 to 40 occured well
> before 1959.
> WTIC-3 was independent for only a very short time. Their Wikipedia article
> says from sign-on in Sept 1957 to early 1958. That sounds about right.
> Mark Casey, K1MAP
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> I'm confused about the order of things in the late '50s when WHYN-TV
> Springfield changed network affiliation and channel number.
> They used to be a CBS affiliate and they used to be on channel 55.
> Wikipedia says they switched from CBS to ABC in 1958 when WTIC-TV
> Hartford switched from independent to CBS, and then switched channels
> from 55 to 40 in 1959.
>     <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WGGB-TV>
> How, then, to explain the TV Guide ad showing channel 40 (and 12
> Providence and 18 Hartford) carrying a CBS show (Top Dollar) in 1958?
>     <http://www.kylebookholz.com/whct2.html>
> It seems the Wikipedia article is wrong.  Can anyone provide accurate
> information?
> And I've never seen information about the programming on WTIC-TV while
> they were an independent.  Any information there would be appreciated,
> too.
> Paul

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