Ex-WLLH Personality Ed McMahon Has Passed Away

Bill O'Neill billohno@gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 20:25:04 EDT 2009

Excuse me while I pick myself up off of the floor, the fall onto which 
was secondary to uncontrollable laughter after reading Mr. Smith's trip 
around the neighborhood. 

Bill O'

Bill Smith wrote:
> Wow. Haaving something named after you in Lowell. Ed must have been
> overwhelmed.
> I was thinking about that very point just the other day as I drove over the
> John E. Cox Bridge by the Jack Kerouac Commemorative into Kearney Square and
> turned right, away from the F. Bradford Morse Federal Building and the
> Bradford Morse Walkway at the Memorial Auditorium onto French Street past
> the Clement Gregory McDonough Magnet School and the Patrick J.Mogan Cultural
> Center, heading onto  Fr. Spike Morrisette Boulevard past Lowell High School
> and its Cyrus W. Irish Auditiorium and the Daniel P. Kane Courtyard
> Restaurant, taking a right at the Ray Riddick Field House, away from the
> John F. Kennedy Civic Centert toward the John F. Cox Traffic Circle in front
> of the Paul E. Tsongas Arena on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard so that I
> could make my way to the George Ayotte parking garage.
> Alas, with pockets heavy with  quarters it was too far to walk to the Dave
> Faneuf Laundry Facility.

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