The Old WHDH-TV Channel 5 equipment
Sun Jun 21 19:20:06 EDT 2009

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>>"Good question.  I do know that a few of the old  WHDH-TV cameras wound 
up at Grahm Junior College once WCVB-TV took charge of  Channel 5 in Boston 
in March, 1972.<< "
Well one of the complete camera chains went to Grahm for a year. It was in  
the Lab for the Broadcast Engineering students but was never used. I 
thought it  was sort of cool I was going to get to play with one of the cameras 
that I was  actually on when I was on Bozo in the third grade. 
They expanded the program the following year and the camera and rack  
equipment disappeared and the space was turned into another classroom. I have no  
idea what happened to that camera after that.
Mike Hemeon

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