OOOPS (KYW thread)

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Post NARBA, WENR and WLS shared time on 890 (one of two pairs of Class 
IA share-timers--the other pair were WFAA and WBAP on 820). Pre-NARBA 
WENR/WLS would have been on 870 and WFAA/WBAP would have been on 800. 
There were also several time shares involving stations that became 
Class IBs. One involved WBBM (later a IA) and a station in Nebraska 
(which may or may not have been today's KFAB). WTIC and WBAL were also 
involved in a time-share, as were, I believe, KEX and KOB (KOB was a 
special case--it never became a Class I of either sub-class). Note 
that these seem to involve station pairs that were relatively distant 
from each other. I think this had something to do with synchronous 
operation, which ended for these high-power stations with the advent 
of directional antennas and the creation of the IB class, which may 
have coincided with NARBA.

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> What I meant to write was:  And according to the Chicago Tribune, 6 
> September 1934, the NBC affiliate was WLS, but it was about to cease 
> being an NBC affiliate in the next several months; the radio critic 
> for the Tribune (Larry Wolters, generally very reliable) speculated 
> that all this was in preparation for the DEPARTURE of KYW.
> In other words, there was not only gonna be a shake-up in Philly but 
> two Chicago stations (WLS and WENR) were also gonna be affected. 
> Sorry for not being able to type tonight... sigh... 

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