Greater Media pushing for defeat of "performance tax"

Don A
Sun Jun 21 00:39:51 EDT 2009

> The radio industry argues that this discrepancy has only existed a few 
> years, and was created by legislation that the recording industry 
> promoted, and that the RIAA did so on the rationale that digital media 
> were more conducive to the creation of high-quality copies than were 
> broadcast media.

I remember the labels floating this concept around years ago...well before 
the digital age.  However, it was never well organized, and never actually 
got to Capital Hill....and was nothing more than just talk.  I recall 
thinking that the first label to try to do this would immediately get ALL of 
their music pulled from the air....and would immediately cave.

This seems like such a well coordinated effort, so that one or two labels 
don't take the brunt of the backlash.

>> WBZ is also running similarly dishonest spots.

The truth is that both industries need each other...and have had a pretty 
respectful uderstanding of that over the years.

If the record industry plays this card, I dont think the stations will sit 
tight for this without planning some kind of return attack seeking relief.

The industry needs stations like Kiss 108 to break new artists and promote 
them on the air.

What do you think the trump card that stations like Kiss 108, Z100 and 
others would play if this became a reality?

Or do you think they would simply roll over and take it.

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