IMHO: UHF is more robust than VHF (was Re: Digital TV receptionproblem)

Larry Weil
Sat Jun 20 19:32:31 EDT 2009

At 06:53 PM 6/20/2009, Peter Q. George wrote:

>  I would not be surprised if WHDH-TV just might turn off Channel 
> 7's DTV signal and stay with 42.  It will still "map" to 7-1 and 
> 7-2.  It's a no brainer.

A station cannot just turn off a signal and keep another one 
on.  This would need to be approved by the FCC if it is to happen, 
meaning the lawyers would need to get involved, and you know how 
things go when lawyers get involved!  There are other factors 
involved in making what is now a temporary license permanent, such as 
the concerns of other stations on the same or adjacent 
channels.   Also keep in mind that the UHF transmitter uses a lot 
more electricity than the VHF one, and also that the UHF rig has been 
in operation for a few years and would need to be replaced 
sooner.  And of course there's the question of what to do with the 
brand-new digital channel 7 transmitter and the part that has yet to 
be installed.

Note that while I am an employee of WHDH/WLVI, nothing that I have 
written here represents anything official from the station, this is 
just my own somewhat informed opinion.  And please do not repost this 
or anything I have written in any other forum or forward it to other parties.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH 

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