The courtship of NBC by the Hearld-Traveler

Doug Drown
Sat Jun 20 17:09:02 EDT 2009

Did Westinghouse's problems with NBC help precipitate the 1956 or '57 
decision to drop network programming on Westinghouse's radio O&Os?   -Doug

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> NBC was angry at Westinghouse/Group W because 1) when they got KDKA from 
> DuMont they signed them as a primary CBS affiliate; 2) WPTZ (as KYW was 
> known before the swap) and WBZ were notorious for preempting programming 
> (WPTZ refused to air "Today" and aired a local show with Ernie Kovacs 
> instead; WBZ refusing to clear "Tonight" well into the Carson era being 
> prime examples) and 3) Group W started syndicating competing programming 
> in the early 60s (Steve Allen and Merv Griffin had shows from them that 
> competed with "Tonight" in many markets).

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