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The kids records on which I was brought up (late 1930s) were by Frank
Luther. Some of those songs were based on AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh 
books, which were relatively new back then. I distinctly remember, 
"Christopher Robin Had Sneazels Weazels." I had the impression that 
Luther must have been a "grown-up" when he recorded theose 
songs--which he did presumably no later than the mid 1930s.
And if he was in his 30s when he made those records, he'd be about 110
years old now. I'd say that the likelihood that he is still living is
vanishingly small.

Also, was it Frank Luther who, in the mid-late 1940s, recorded a song
that was played every Saturday morning on a network-radio kids
program: I'm Mr Wheatley Whale/I'm polite to the end of my tail/And
the end of my tail is 40 miles away-hay-hay...? I can't remember the
name of the program or the name of the host, but the Wheatley Whale
character was a regular on the show, and I would not be surprised to
learn that the program migrated to TV at some point.

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> On 19 Jun 2009 Donna Halper wrote:
>> As we did last year, the Hall of Fame wants to honor the memories
>> of
>> some deceased broadcasters who made a difference in radio and/or
>> TV.
>> But there are some whose living relatives we cannot locate. If you
>> have any idea how we can find contact people for them-- I'd
>> appreciate
>> suggestions. Thanks.
> While on that subject (and this may be a nomination you might be
> interested in), I was thinking recently about Frank Luther.  He did
> children's records (some of which I still have) and at one time had
> a
> Saturday morning radio show, circa 1949-1950, on WNAC.  The
> Wikipedia
> article on him says he was a country music singer and eventually a
> Decca record executive in charge of children's records.  But I am
> pretty sure that sometime in the late 50s or early 60s he worked at
> WNAC and had a local TV show on channel 7.  I wonder what became of
> him and whether he's still alive.
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