The old WUPY Lynn tower?

Ted Larsen
Fri Jun 19 17:54:27 EDT 2009

Hi Joe: Yes, that's the same guy. He was a leader in the anti-rent control 
movement and had an odd variety of defense witnesses at his trial including 
Jerry Williams. Was sentenced to 1 /12 years, but I can't find if he served 
it all. U.S. Atty Mark Wolfe was the prosecutor. There were two other 
defendants, but I can't find their sentences. I do know Wolfe had a tough 
time with his sentencing deliberations because on of the co-defendants was a 
Holocaust survivor.

All in all a very strange story, even for radio.

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> On 19 Jun 2009 Ted Larsen wrote:
>> 'CEA was owned by Cambridge City Councillor William "Bill" Walsh and a
>> couple of partners who let a bunch of kids operate it horribly. They
>> apparently  never visited or listened to it. Ad revenues for 1986 were
>> $3,500 (Really). Walsh is the same guy who was convicted of Federal
>> bank fraud in the '90's.
> I remember him.  I think he was the same William Walsh who was the
> lawyer for most of the major landlords in Cambridge -- and
> occasionally some in Brookline.
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