The Old WUPY Lynn Tower?
Fri Jun 19 09:43:43 EDT 2009

Doug Drown wrote: "I may have been thinking of another station --- an AM 
daytimer, as I said --- that had similar calls and was on the air later 
(mid-'70s).? I distinctly remember the jingles 
("rumpa-tumpa-tumpa-tumpa-tum, WHOOPIE!").
What I can't recall is where the station was.? Portland, maybe?"

It's a long way from Lynn or Portland, but there was a Whoopee (WUPE) radio in Pittsfield, Mass.?in the late '70s. It had been WGRG AM&FM originally, and when a new owner took over (Al Roberts, I believe his moniker was, who owned WARE Ware and WDEW Westfield), he was apparently very enamored of WAQY Springfield ("Wacky!"), and "Whoopie" was as close as he could come for new calls.?But the AM (a daytimer on 1110), wasn't WUPE for long, if at all, and became (IIRC) WUHN, as in "that's Wuhn for the record books."

---jim schuyler
former Tom Doyle stunt double

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