...and speaking of anniversaries... about WOKO

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According to a book entitled "The Airwaves of New York" (1998), WOKO went on 
the air in Manhattan in 1924 under different call letters, was purchased and 
moved to Peekskill the following year, and in 1928 was moved to 
Poughkeepsie, with a new tower was erected atop nearby Mount Beacon.  1931 
saw still another, and final, move to Albany.  WOKO was Albany's CBS 
affiliate until 1946, when it was discovered that a former CBS VP, who later 
was an FRC commissioner, was secretly awarded a part-ownership in the 
station for effecting the affiliation. WOKO was shut down (for a while) and 
lost CBS to WTRY.  Interesting tale.   -Doug

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>I have read some reference to WOKO's original tower(s)
> somewhere on Railroad.Net, of all places --- several years ago.  The 
> transmitting facility was located atop a mountain some distance down the 
> Hudson from Albany.  I'll try to locate the reference.  It may take some 
> doing.   -Doug
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>> On 13 Jun 2009 at 21:20, Dave Doherty wrote:
>>> Many years ago, I saw some other documentation of WOKO's early
>>> history. It includes at least one, and I think two, previous locations
>>> - prior to Menands - well down the Hudson. One was a shared-time
>>> facility, maybe down in Beacon or Newburgh, or possibly even farther
>>> south.  One of these may be the site Linc mentioned as "Mount Beacon"
>> I seem to remember something about their studios being in the
>> Wellington Hotel.
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