WHDH-TV Reception Problems

Tim Coco tcoco@whav.net
Tue Jun 16 23:17:57 EDT 2009

For what it is worth, I was worried when people reported reception problems
with Channel 7.  However, up on the MA/NH border in Haverhill, reception
actually improved after the switch.  Using indoor rabbit ears with a
built-in amplifier, WHDH and This TV look great.

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First, I apologize if you receive multiple copies of this message.  I first
sent this from the wrong address, then when I sent it from the right address
I got a weird reject message, so I'm trying again!
I've received a few e-mails from people experiencing reception problems with
WHDH-DT.  Please note that if you are not receiving the station, first make
sure you have rescanned your TV or converter box on Saturday or later.  If
you scanned on Friday and not since it will definitely not work.  If that
does not solve the problem, the station has set up a help line for people
with reception problems, it is (617) 248-5500.  If you get a recording be
sure to leave a message and someone from the engineering department will get
back to you.
In the meantime, it seems I posted some erroneous information the other day.
The station is currently broadcasting at it's full licensed power, the part
of the transmitter that remains to be installed is for backup purposes.
Sorry for the confusion, like I said earlier sometimes even those of us at
the station don't have the full info.  That is why I urge you to contact the
trouble number if you are having problems and not me.
Larry Weil
WHDH/WLVI Master Control

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