So, when exactly is "OTH"?

Mark Laurence
Tue Jun 16 13:26:52 EDT 2009

On Tuesday, June 16, 2009, at 12:57PM, "Doug Drown" <> wrote:
>Thank you all for your answers.  I had forgotten about WWV, and didn't know 
>The other half of my question remains, however: Why are the networks' feeds, 
>at least in Maine, a second or two off from station to station?   -Doug

It could be satellite delays, or processing delays in creating digital signals.  Broadcast time tones are totally unreliable now.  My favorite example is WBZ when you hear two top-of-the-hour tones about 10 seconds apart, and I doubt that either of them are on time when you actually hear them.  If you're listening to digital or satellite radio there's a 7-10 second delay for processing, and that's not counting any delay for bleeping content on talk shows.  There's a similar delay for cable TV, more so for satellite TV.  Counting down on New Year's Eve, I was flipping between stations on my digital cable TV and there were huge discrepancies.

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