WHDH-DT moves from RF-42 to 7

Mark Casey map@mapinternet.com
Sun Jun 14 12:37:51 EDT 2009

Even though I'm a fan of VHF high band (CH 7-13) for it's ability to be 
recieved over rough terrain better than UHF, I've got to think that the 625 
to 825kw that CH 2, 4 & 5 ( RF19, 30, & 20) are licensed for (now),  has got 
to be better than 29.7kw on CH 7.

Anyone know if CH7 could go more than about 30kw?

The real winners of the on-air DTV channel selection process may be the 
stations that went to a low uhf channel and, lacking any interference 
issues, can run 1000kw or close to that.

Mark Casey, K1MAP

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At 7:06 PM -0400 6/13/09, Jim Hall wrote:

>I seem to remember having heard that too. And the FCC predicted coverage
>maps do show two listings for WHDH digital, one with 15 kW and one with 30

The reason for that is that only half of the transmitter has been
installed.  Only after the old Larcan analog transmitter is removed
can the other half of the Harris DTV transmitter be installed.

I also notice that most of the people who are having trouble are
using Terk antennas, which I have always thought of as being
over-priced junque.  It might be worth people's time trying something
else, just make sure you buy it from a store with a good return
policy, so you can try it out and return it if there isn't an
improvement.  At that rate, buy one of every indoor antenna the store
has, and return all except one after experimenting with them all.
Then pass along here which one worked best.

Larry Weil
WHDH/WLVI Master Control

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