more on the Armageddon Channel

George Allen
Sat Jun 13 17:54:37 EDT 2009

7 that is.  Being reasonably aware [and an EE at that], even I had to 
struggle to get ch. 7 today.

First, after a rescan, my DTV didn't have any "7".  No 7 even when 
manually entered.  Hmmm...  I can SEE the TV towers, even tho I'm in 
Swampscott (and you can see how I see them too on a clear day/night, 
at ).

Every other Boston (and many other) DTV channel came in 
fine.  Eventually I figured out that I had analog 7 set to skip in 
the DTV setup.  That was half the solution after another 
rescan.  Then I had to extend the wabbit ears on my indoor Terk from 
the 9" 'stabilizer' function they had been serving the last year or so.

Finally, after another rescan, there it was, sort of.  Walk around 
the room and it breaks up.  Boy, whatever OTA viewers they had, they 
have a lot fewer now...

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