Where did channel 7 go?

Mark Laurence marklaurence@mac.com
Sat Jun 13 10:48:14 EDT 2009

For people who have prepared for digital TV, their biggest question  
today is probably "what happened to WHDH."  It's probably hard for  
the station to explain that they've moved - to channel 7!  But for  
the many people who've been watching all-digital TV for months, the  
big impact of Friday's change is that WHDH has subtly disappeared  
from their TV.  All the other channels are there as before, so  
there's not too much temptation to hit the rarely-used rescan button.

The amazing thing is, as of Saturday morning there's nothing about  
the frequency move on channel 7's own website.  In fact, their  
Digital Transition Information page is still referring to "7NBC  
Digital Channel 41".  There's a big banner proclaiming "All TV is now  
digital" on their front page, but all the boxes that look like links  
don't work.  There's one small box that says "remember to rescan" but  
no explanation of what that means or how to do it.   So while  
channels 2, 4, and 5 are droning on about that pesky converter box,  
channel 7 is left high and dry, and their on-air viewers will have to  
figure things out on their own.

The good news is that for people who figured out the need to rescan,  
channel 7 seems to have a better signal than before.

As for the other poster's reference to "a weak signal on channel 26,"  
I think that's WHDN, a low power digital station that feeds a lot of  
Deutsche Welle programming from a sister station in Miami.  They  
sometimes map to channel 6 on my digital TV, and a lot of the time  
they don't come in at all.  More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WHDN

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