...and speaking of anniversaries...

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And when WAAM merged with WODA (they were both shared-time stations,
though they may not have shared time with each other), the resulting
station became WOV. The corporation that owned WOV (itself a
shared-time station--sharing time with WHBI, Newark) was known as
Wodaam Corp. Wodaam was not a Dutch name, as I had thought for many
years. Dutch names are common enough in New York City and the Hudson
Valley; after all, the city, then known as Nieuw Amsterdaam, was
founded by a Dutchman--Hendrick Hudson. Rather, Wodaam was an
amalgamation of WODA and (W)AAM.

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> Somewhat the same but not quite:  The original WABC in New York that
> became WCBS.  A few years later (1953, I think) ABC managed to
> obtain the old call letters and WJZ-TV 7 was thus transformed into
> WABC-TV.  (We could throw DuMont's WABD 5 into all this too, just to
> confuse things all the more.) Still later, WAAM-TV 13 in Baltimore
> became the present WJZ-TV, while the
> WAAM calls (which actually originated in Newark) were picked up by
> WHRV (AM) in Ann Arbor.  Today the WHRV calls are held by an NPR FM
> affiliate in
> Hampton Roads, Virginia.
> Let's all take a deep breath . . . 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.
> -Doug
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>> Dave Doherty wrote:
>>> Hey Scott-
>>> RIP WHAM-TV analog: Age 60 years plus one day.
>> With one confusing twist: the WHAM-TV that signed on in 1949 and
>> will sign off Friday at age 60 years plus a day is now
>> WROC-TV...while the station on channel 13 that now bears the
>> WHAM-TV calls is only 46+ years old, having signed on in 1962 as
>> WOKR(TV).
>> It's a nearly identical situation to the two WHDH-TVs in Boston:
>> WHDH 850 spawned WHDH-TV 5, outlived those calls on its TV sister,
>> then went on to again loan its calls to a different station
>> (ex-WNAC-TV/WNEV on 7) years later.
>> (And it gives rise to a trivia question: how many other such
>> examples exist out there? Hartford has had two WTIC-TVs, both
>> associated with WTIC 1080. Syracuse has had two WSYR-TVs over the
>> years, both associated with WSYR 570. There have been two WWJ-TVs
>> in Detroit, both associated with WWJ 950. I can't come up with any
>> others at the moment...)
>> s

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