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On 9 Jun 2009 at 8:55, Doug Drown wrote:

> I'm curious about something.  I know there was endless haggling over
> the Channel 5 assignment, but why did it take nine years to get
> resolved?  (And even then it really wasn't, as the demise of WHDH-TV
> attests.)

At least some of it was because of the "six-month" freeze ordered by
the FCC on all new station assignments, which stretched into four or
five years.

> I'd also like to know --- even though it's not directly relevant to
> this Board --- what it was that caused the collapse of The Boston
> Post.  I was about six when it became defunct; I can remember
> reading the comics in the Sunday edition.  In a day when newspapers
> were [relatively] thriving, how could New England's
> largest-circulation newspaper in 1948 be a memory ten years later?

Some time before that, there was the collapse of the Boston 
Transcript.  And several New York papers had merged -- the World
Telegram and Sun, the Herald-Tribune.  

I remember the Post well.  I liked the Post's Sunday comics and was 
so upset about missing Buck Rogers when we moved to Albany in 1953, 
that my grandparents saved the Post Sunday comic section, and my aunt 
sent them to me regularly.  

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