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I thought channel 5 was allocated to Worcester and should have been
WTAG-TV but the Telegram got cold feet

On 6/9/09, A. Joseph Ross <joe@attorneyross.com> wrote:
> On 8 Jun 2009 at 2:59, chris2526 wrote:
>> While there is no actual AM ground system associated with the tall FM
>> tower (WCOP-FM 100.7) in Lexington there is a base insulator at the
>> bottom and insulators just above the midway point to break up the re
>> radiation at 1150 Khz. There are also detuning units at the base and
>> another at the mid point. The detuning units were tied into the ground
>> system of the three 1938 self supporters when erecting the tall tower
>> for WCOP-FM and what they were hoping to be WCOP-TV Channel 5 in 1948.
>>  I know this for a fact as I was CE for the AM and FM twice and the AM
>> several more times down the road.
> WCOP-TV?  Now that might have been interesting.  So why didn't they
> get it?  I would think that if they'd filed early enough, they'd have
> been able to get in ahead of the freeze, as WBZ and WNAC did.
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