chris2526 chris2526@comcast.net
Mon Jun 8 02:59:39 EDT 2009

While there is no actual AM ground system associated with the tall FM tower 
(WCOP-FM 100.7) in Lexington there is a base insulator at the
bottom and insulators just above the midway point to break up
the re radiation at 1150 Khz. There are also detuning units at the base
and another at the mid point. The detuning units were tied into the ground 
system of the three 1938 self supporters when erecting the tall tower for 
WCOP-FM and what they were hoping to be WCOP-TV Channel 5 in 1948.  I know 
this for a fact as I was CE for the AM and FM twice and the AM several more 
times down the road.

Chris Hall 

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