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I hope
that anyone who thinks this project might be practical knows how to
pronounce engineering nightmare.

Agreed....  putting WJIB on the WWDJ/WAZN site would be a nightmare.  Also, 
a signal with a null towards Toronto is a moot point, as the rules say WJIB 
cannot send a certain strength to Canada.  Since Toronto is just one tiny 
part of Canada, one must consider that WJIB running 50 watts would likely be 
exceding the signal limits to Nova Scotia, which is somewhat right in the 
path of the signal WJIB would have if it were using two towers on the 
WWDJ/WAZN site.  Remember, a part of Nova Scotia is further south than Portland 
Maine is.   All too often, signal upgrades have croaked radio stations. (It 
helped croak WJTO in 1990, when WJTO was goin for 5 towers and 10,000 watts... 
tryinmg to do it on 11 acres of land. Anyone remember that deadly CP?).
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