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Sid Schweiger sid@wrko.com
Thu Jun 4 14:34:39 EDT 2009

>>it sounds like this applies to every station 
indiscriminately.  Apparently WJIB, with its 5-watt nighttime signal, 
can't make any transmitter upgrades without degrading its night 
signal.  Nor can WBZ, with its 50,000 watts clear-channel.  Does this 
really make sense?<<

WJIB would certainly be able to show the Friendly Cookie Company that ratcheting back its nighttime signal would have close to zero effect on any other co- or adjacent-channel signal.  I can't say if a waiver of the ratcheting policy has ever been granted, but that doesn't mean they couldn't try.  Waivers are granted at the FCC for all kinds of reasons.

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