Radio and Records to Close?????

Dave Tomm
Wed Jun 3 19:35:48 EDT 2009

In 1988, Casey left ABC and American Top 40 and went to Westwood One  
to start Casey's Top 40.  That show used R&R data.  By 1998, Kasem had  
re-acquired the AT40 name a few years after the Shadoe Stevens debacle  
killed AT40.  He started up the show again with AMFM Networks, again  
using R&R data.  The next year Mediabase began providing the airplay  
charts for R&R.  AMFM eventually became Premiere Radio Networks.  This  
arrangement continued even after he handed off AT40 to Ryan Seacrest.   
Three years ago R&R was bought by VNU (later to be renamed the Neilson  
Company.)  Neilson owns BDS, Mediabase's direct competitor.  As a  
result, R&R switched from Mediabase to BDS for their chart data.   
Since Premiere owns Mediabase and the rights to AT40, Mediabase became  
the exclusive provider of data for not only AT40, but for Kasem's  
current AC & Hot AC countdowns.

-Dave Tomm

On Jun 3, 2009, at 4:46 PM, Mark Watson wrote:
>  Also,Wikipedia mentions that Casey Kasem's "Casey's Top 40" shows  
> used the R&R CHR/Pop charts from 1989 to 1998, and "American Top 40"  
> used these same charts from March 1998 to January 2004, save for the  
> period between October 2000 & August 2001. Currently,  Ryan  
> Seacrest's "AT 40" and Kasem's "AT 20" (Hot AC countdown show) uses  
> info from Mediabase 24/7. For years "AT 40" used the Billboard  
> charts, I don't know if any of the other shows ever did. Did R&R or  
> Billboard ever get any financial compensation from the producers of  
> the countdown shows in exchange for the use of the chart info, or  
> does Mediabase 24/7 get any compensation for the use of their info  
> on the countdown programs? If R&R was receiving money for the use of  
> their chart info, the switch to Mediabase or other charts may have  
> hurt their wallet.

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