750 CP's

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Wed Jun 3 16:02:13 EDT 2009

Jeffrey.P.Bottalico@kp.org wrote:
> I have long thought WGIR would be a good candidate for a 50KW DA-2 
> upgrade.  However, would the present towers be able to handle the extra 
> power?  Evidently, they can't handle IBOC (which is a good thing).  If 
> they can't, maybe they can co exist at the WFEA site which is between two 
> major hiways that should lessen the NIMBY crowd.  Either way, 610 
> torrington CT could move to 1360 as a sync transmitter for WDRC,  and WIP 
> could be upgraded to 10kw

I don't think Buckley would like that Torrington proposal, since they 
sell separate advertising on WSNG, and they couldn't do that if it were 
sync'ed to WDRC.

I suspect there would be Canadian issues, too, since there's CHNC 610 in 
New Carlisle that would have to be protected, even though it's about to 
leave the air for good.

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