750 CP's

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I think Buckley sells ads on WSNG separately from WDRC. That would be 
impossible with a synchronous transmitter.
A power increase for WGIR would cause prohibited overlap with WVMT.
I think you will find that WIP is hopelessly boxed in. Any attempt to 
change its operation would run afoul of the ratchet rule and would 
necessitate reducing its coverage! You didn't mention it, but the 
recent deletion of 610 in Winchester VA does not allow any station 
that might want to upgrade to do so.

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>I have long thought WGIR would be a good candidate for a 50KW DA-2
> upgrade.  However, would the present towers be able to handle the 
> extra
> power?  Evidently, they can't handle IBOC (which is a good thing). 
> If
> they can't, maybe they can co exist at the WFEA site which is 
> between two
> major hiways that should lessen the NIMBY crowd.  Either way, 610
> torrington CT could move to 1360 as a sync transmitter for WDRC, 
> and WIP
> could be upgraded to 10kw
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>>Or one could look into such a station in Manchester, NH with the 
> pattern out of the existing WGIR-610 site.  50 kW day / 10 kW night 
> out
> of there would certainly deliver a reasonable signal through most of
> the Merrimack Valley and a chunk of north suburban Boston bounded by
> the NH border on the north, Route 128 on the south, Route 1 on the
> east, and Route 3 on the west.
> Mark Connelly, WA1ION
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