Little-noted callsign change

Garrett Wollman
Fri Jul 31 21:13:51 EDT 2009

Another little corner case to all this: they have cut a new WBMX-FM
HD2 ID for the automated eighties hits format there, but they didn't
redo the network ID for the "Psychic Network" that runs on the HD3.

Speaking of WBMX-FM (HD2), can anyone identify the source of the
crosstalk in the right channel?  I've heard a Bud commercial and some
music.  It's definitely not either of the other subchannels, nor is it
WBZ, and it has to be happening in the analog domain somewhere.  (If
nobody else hears it, perhaps it's in my tuner, although I don't
understand how that could be possible, given that it doesn't happen
when any other station is tuned.)


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