Breaking News: 98.5 becomes All Sports WBZ-FM

Laurence Glavin
Tue Jul 14 15:34:12 EDT 2009

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>Would anybody be surprised if Entercom tries to beat CBS to the 
>punch by switching either WMKK 93.7 or WKAF 97.7 to
>a simulcast of WEEI now (or both? covering some areas WEEI has 
>trouble with at night; FM signal, etc.) I think WMKK
>did okay in the 25-54 with a jockless format. Well, a simulcast 
>would also be low overhead but maybe good results.

Last year there was  rumor circulating that Entercomm might be interested in setting
up an LMA that would put WEEI-AM programming on Nassau's 99.5 frequency, now being wasted 
with WCRB.  Since then, Nassau has become even more financially troubled and forced to
enter into deals with firms that lent it money.  Could those outfits,
which are not in the broadcasting business themselves, see this as an ideal opportunity
to unload their holdings?  

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