Breaking News: 98.5 becomes All Sports WBZ-FM

Scott Fybush
Tue Jul 14 14:37:20 EDT 2009

Bob Nelson wrote:
> Would anybody be surprised if Entercom tries to beat CBS to the punch by switching either WMKK 93.7 or WKAF 97.7 to
> a simulcast of WEEI now (or both? covering some areas WEEI has trouble with at night; FM signal, etc.) I think WMKK
> did okay in the 25-54 with a jockless format. Well, a simulcast would also be low overhead but maybe good results.

My gut tells me that if WEEI on FM in Boston hasn't happened now, it's 
not going to happen. WMKK is a pretty consistent biller and extremely 
inexpensive to run, and I don't think Entercom can risk losing that cash 
flow right now. They won't blow up WAAF, especially since it now stands 
to pick up some audience from BCN. And WKAF by itself doesn't have 
enough of a signal to be a credible EEI-FM.

As for the recurring question, "why move Mix and launch sports on 98.5," 
I don't think it's that much about the comparative signals. Yes, 98.5 
does a little better to the west, into WEEI's night null, but over the 
core of the market's population there's not that much difference between 
98.5 and 104.1. My sense is that they just want a fresh start for the 
sports, and by putting it on 98.5 with new calls, they avoid the 
perception that it's just another new format change for BCN. And there's 
little risk of losing the Mix audience along the way; given proper 
promotion, they'll follow that format anywhere.


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