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The photo of the entire four-tower array (or to be technically
correct, the two three tower arrays) is fascinating because it appears
to be at variance with the data in CDBS as viewed using Bob
Carpenter's AMSTNS software. I'm sure there is an explanation. Even
without the fourth tower, which was added when power was increased to
10 kW-U, WRNI was unusual, though not unique, in having an array whose
geographic reference point was not a tower, but rather a point NEAR a
tower. In other words, neither the day nor the night array is truly an
in-line configuration, but the night array is the closer of the two to
being in-line. The reference point is 10 degrees from the #2 tower at
an azimuth of 30 degrees. 30 degrees is perpendicular to the line that
joins tower 1 (the southeast tower) with the night array's tower 3
(the more northerly of the two towers that stand close together). You
sure would never guess that from looking at the photo! Because the
towers are not quite in line, the night pattern, which, at a casual
glance, appears to be symmetrical, is ever so slightly asymmetrical,
presumably to provide a little more protection for the very old 1290
station in VT. The day array which uses the more southerly of the
tower 3s, is clearly not an in-line configuration, as you can easily
see in the photo and in the polar plot of the day pattern.

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